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Energy White Paper

Energy Green Paper Submissions

Submissions to the Energy Green Paper have closed. Public submissions are being progressively published to this web page as soon as practicable. Thank you to everyone who made a submission. The Energy White Paper Taskforce is currently in the process of reviewing submissions to help inform the preparation of the Energy White Paper.

Views or opinions expressed in submissions reflect the views of the persons or entities making those submissions only. Please see the Department’s disclaimer for further information.

Name/Company/Associationsort descending State File
Acciona Energy VIC PDF icon EWPGP101-481.pdf
ACT Peak Oil Incorporated ACT PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B3E-9-483.pdf
File ANON-VDK4-6B3E-9-487.rtf
Adam Edwards ACT PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1A-3-489.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1A-3-490.pdf
AGL Energy NSW PDF icon EWPGP047-491.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP047-492.pdf
Alan Pears VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1P-J-493.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1P-J-494.pdf
Albert M. White NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B3V-T-499.pdf
Alinta Energy NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZ7-2-509.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZ7-2-510.pdf
Alstom NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BEK-1-791.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BEK-1-792.pdf
Anthony Patterson NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B18-T-561.pdf
ANZ VIC PDF icon EWPGP076-564.pdf
APA Group NSW PDF icon EWPGP033-566.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP033-567.pdf
Arrow Energy Pty Ltd QLD PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5T-T-789.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5T-T-790.pdf
Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) WA PDF icon EWPGP081-571.pdf
ATCO Australia WA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B3P-M-574.pdf
AusNet Services VIC PDF icon EWPGP016-575.pdf
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) VIC PDF icon EWPGP013-577.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP013-578.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP013-580.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP013-581.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP013-582.pdf
Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE) NSW PDF icon EWPGP043-584.PDF
PDF icon EWPGP043-585.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP043-586.pdf
Australian Aluminium Council (AAC) ACT PDF icon EWPGP032-589.pdf
Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO- Australia) WA PDF icon EWPGP054-787.pdf
Microsoft Office document icon EWPGP054-788.doc
Australian Automobile Association (AAA) ACT PDF icon EWPGP071-786.pdf
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) ACT PDF icon EWPGP104-595.pdf
Australian Conservation Foundation VIC PDF icon EWPGP021-596.pdf
Australian Dairy Industry Council Inc (ADIC) VIC PDF icon EWPGP062-598.pdf
Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) VIC PDF icon EWPGP112-602.pdf
Australian Energy Regulator (AER) VIC PDF icon EWPGP084-604.pdf
Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) ACT PDF icon EWPGP107-606.pdf
Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) ACT PDF icon EWPGP098-784.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP098-785.pdf
Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (AIGN) ACT File EWPGP100-783.docx
Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) QLD PDF icon EWPGP065-782.pdf
Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP) ACT PDF icon EWPGP122-608.pdf
Australian ITER Forum ACT PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BE9-F-780.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BE9-F-781.pdf
Australian National University ACT PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1Y-U-778.pdf
File ANON-VDK4-6B1Y-U-779.docx
Australian Network of Environmental Defender's Offices (ANEDO) NSW PDF icon EWPGP034-610.pdf
Australian Nuclear Association NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B32-P-612.pdf
File ANON-VDK4-6B32-P-613.docx
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) NSW PDF icon EWPGP042-616.pdf
Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) ACT PDF icon EWPGP111-618.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP111-619.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP111-620.PDF
Australian Pipeline Industry Association (APIA) ACT PDF icon EWPGP080-777.pdf
Australian Sugar Industry Alliance (ASA) QLD PDF icon EWPGP072-770.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP072-771.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP072-772.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP072-773.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP072-774.pdf
File EWPGP072-775.docx
PDF icon EWPGP072-776.pdf
Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) NSW PDF icon EWPGP031-622.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP031-623.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP031-624.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP031-625.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP031-626.pdf
Australian Trucking Association (ATA) ACT PDF icon EWPGP069-769.pdf
Australian Workers' Union (AWU) NSW PDF icon EWPGP091-795.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP091-796.pdf
B Tinapple WA File EWPGP028-768.docx
Barry Murphy NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1D-6-630.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1D-6-631.pdf
Beach Energy Limited SA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BV2-S-635.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BV2-S-637.pdf
Ben Heard SA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZE-G-767.pdf
BHP Billiton VIC PDF icon EWPGP085-639.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP085-640.pdf
Bioenergy Australia NSW PDF icon EWPGP018-642.pdf
Biofuels Association of Australia (BAA) VIC PDF icon EWPGP094-645.pdf
Brian John Devitt SA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5Z-Z-766.pdf
Brian Versey ACT PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5B-8-647.pdf
Business Council of Australia (BCA) VIC PDF icon EWPGP114-649.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP114-650.pdf
Business SA SA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZH-K-764.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZH-K-765.pdf
Cement Industry Federation ACT PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5G-D-762.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5G-D-763.pdf
Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets, University of New South Wales (CEEM UNSW) NSW PDF icon EWPGP064-756.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP064-757.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP064-758.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP064-759.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP064-760.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP064-761.pdf
Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1Q-K-652.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1Q-K-653.pdf
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA) WA PDF icon EWPGP123-658.pdf
Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME) WA PDF icon EWPGP103-656.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP103-657.pdf
Christopher Polis TAS PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZZ-5-755.pdf
Clean Energy Council (CEC) VIC PDF icon EWPGP095-659.pdf
Climate Action Now Wingecarribee NSW PDF icon EWPGP012-662.pdf
Climate Change Australia (Hastings Branch) NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZW-2-753.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZW-2-754.pdf
ClimateWorks Australia VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BEU-B-660.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BEU-B-661.pdf
Coffs Coast Climate Action Group NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BEJ-Z-751.pdf
File ANON-VDK4-6BEJ-Z-752.docx
Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) NSW PDF icon EWPGP086-750.pdf
Consumer Action Law Centre VIC PDF icon EWPGP063-748.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP063-749.pdf
Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre (CUAC) VIC PDF icon EWPGP005-794.pdf
Cooperative research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) ACT PDF icon EWPGP067-747.pdf
Cotton Australia NSW PDF icon EWPGP026-746.pdf
Courtney Ames Austria PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZT-Y-744.pdf
File ANON-VDK4-6BZT-Y-745.docx
CSR Limited NSW PDF icon EWPGP045-743.pdf
David Blair NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BET-A-741.pdf
File ANON-VDK4-6BET-A-742.docx
David Russell QLD File EWPGP001-651.docx
David S Dolan VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BCE-S-648.pdf
David Tranter NSW PDF icon EWPGP003-646.pdf
DomGas Alliance WA PDF icon EWPGP038-643.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP038-644.pdf
Dominic WY Kanak AU PDF icon EWPGP044-740.pdf
Dow Chemical (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1R-M-641.pdf
Dr Phillip Laird NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BJ4-F-638.pdf
Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA) NSW PDF icon EWPGP097-636.pdf
Electrical Trades Union of Australia (ETU) NSW PDF icon EWPGP053-739.pdf
Energex QLD PDF icon EWPGP037-634.pdf
Energy Change Institute ACT PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5A-7-737.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5A-7-738.pdf
Energy Efficiency Council VIC File EWPGP057-633.docx
Energy Networks Association (ENA) ACT PDF icon EWPGP052-736.pdf
Energy Policy Institute of Australia NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5W-W-734.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5W-W-735.pdf
Energy Retailers Association of Australia (ERAA) NSW PDF icon EWPGP088-632.pdf
Energy Skills Australia ACT PDF icon EWPGP059-733.pdf
Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA) VIC PDF icon EWPGP109-629.pdf
Energy Users Association of Australia VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5V-V-731.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5V-V-732.pdf
EnergyAustralia VIC PDF icon EWPGP128-800.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP128-801.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP128-802.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP128-803.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP128-804.pdf
Engineers Australia ACT PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZA-C-627.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZA-C-628.pdf
Epuron NSW PDF icon EWPGP050-730.pdf
Ergon Energy QLD PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZ6-1-727.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZ6-1-728.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZ6-1-729.pdf
Eriks Velin VIC File EWPGP008-621.docx
ERM Power VIC PDF icon EWPGP010-617.pdf
Ernest Robert Yarwood Smith NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZG-J-725.pdf
File ANON-VDK4-6BZG-J-726.docx
Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW on behalf of FECCA NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5Q-Q-614.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5Q-Q-615.pdf
Facilities Management Association of Australia (FMA) VIC File EWPGP068-723.docx
PDF icon EWPGP068-724.pdf
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) ACT PDF icon EWPGP087-722.pdf
Fortescue Metals Groups Limited WA PDF icon EWPGP102-611.pdf
Future Climate Australia VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5N-M-719.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5N-M-720.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5N-M-721.pdf
Fyfe Pty Ltd SA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B3R-P-717.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B3R-P-718.pdf
G Clark NSW PDF icon EWPGP127-799.pdf
G Miell NSW PDF icon EWPGP082-609.pdf
Gas Energy Australia ACT PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BED-T-715.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BED-T-716.pdf
General Electric (GE) QLD PDF icon EWPGP060-607.pdf
George Bell WA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BCK-Y-605.pdf
Gillian King ACT PDF icon EWPGP125-714.pdf
Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GFEI) United Kingdom PDF icon EWPGP099-713.pdf
Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council (GECKO) QLD File EWPGP036-712.docx
Graeme Weber VIC HTML icon ANON-VDK4-6BVS-T-597.htm
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BVS-T-599.pdf
Image icon ANON-VDK4-6BVS-T-600.jpg
Office spreadsheet icon ANON-VDK4-6BVS-T-601.xls
Grenatec NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BJM-8-593.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BJM-8-594.pdf
Hunter Business Chamber NSW PDF icon EWPGP078-711.pdf
Hydro Tasmania TAS PDF icon EWPGP039-592.pdf
Ignite Energy Resources NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BEM-3-709.pdf
File ANON-VDK4-6BEM-3-710.docx
Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B13-N-590.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B13-N-591.pdf
Industry Associations' Joint submission (PACIA-led) VIC PDF icon EWPGP105-588.pdf
Innovation Australia ACT PDF icon EWPGP027-708.pdf
Intelligas Group QLD PDF icon EWPGP015-587.pdf
Isaac Regional Council QLD File ANON-VDK4-6BEN-4-706.docx
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BEN-4-707.pdf
James Booth WA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZC-E-705.pdf
Jemena Limited VIC PDF icon EWPGP022-704.pdf
Joe Thwaites ACT PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1S-N-702.pdf
File ANON-VDK4-6B1S-N-703.docx
John Baxter NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5U-U-699.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5U-U-700.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5U-U-701.pdf
John Hine and Associates Pty Ltd QLD File EWPGP007-583.docx
Joseph Karten NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BJ3-E-579.pdf
K Reynard PDF icon EWPGP129 - K Reynard.pdf
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Japan PDF icon EWPGP041 -576.pdf
Kym Ferber SA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1E-7-572.pdf
File ANON-VDK4-6B1E-7-573.xlsx
Latrobe City Council VIC PDF icon EWPGP074-698.pdf
Licella NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BEV-C-569.pdf
File ANON-VDK4-6BEV-C-570.docx
Louis G. Flower NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1G-9.pdf
Major Energy Users Inc VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5R-R-696.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5R-R-697.pdf
Malcolm Boyd WA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BYE-F-565.pdf
Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) NSW PDF icon EWPGP093-695.pdf
Martin Nicholson NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BVU-V-563.pdf
Master Electricians Australia QLD PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BV5-V-562.pdf
Matthew Robinson QLD PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1B-4-560.pdf
METTS and DSA QLD PDF icon EWPGP119-559.pdf
Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) ACT PDF icon EWPGP126-798.pdf
File EWPGP126-797.docx
Murphy Capital QLD PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZU-Z-694.pdf
National Farmers' Federation ACT PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B52-R-557.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B52-R-558.pdf
National Irrigator's Council ACT PDF icon EWPGP023-693.pdf
National Roads and Motorists Association (NRMA) NSW PDF icon EWPGP051-556.pdf
Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BER-8-554.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BER-8-555.pdf
Northern Territory Government NT PDF icon EWPGP113.pdf
NSW Business Chamber NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZX-3-691.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZX-3-692.pdf
NSW Distribution Network Service Providers NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZJ-N-689.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZJ-N-690.pdf
NSW Government NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5P-P-552.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5P-P-553.pdf
NSW Irrigators Council NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZV-1-687.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZV-1-688.pdf
NSW Young Lawyers Environment and Planning Law Committee NSW PDF icon EWPGP116-686.pdf
Origin Energy NSW PDF icon EWPGP110-551.pdf
Orora Ltd VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B37-U-549.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B37-U-550.pdf
Oscar Archer SA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BV4-U-545.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BV4-U-546.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BV4-U-547.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BV4-U-548.pdf
Peabody Energy QLD PDF icon EWPGP011-544.pdf
Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA) VIC PDF icon EWPGP106-542.pdf
Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) ACT PDF icon EWPGP075-684.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP075-685.pdf
Public Interest Advocacy Centre Ltd NSW PDF icon EWPGP035-683.pdf
Qantas Airways Limited NSW PDF icon EWPGP117-682.pdf
QGC QLD PDF icon EWPGP092-681.pdf
Queensland (QLD) Government QLD PDF icon EWPGP118-541.pdf
Queensland Energy Resources (QER) QLD PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZ2-W-540.pdf
Regional Development Australia (RDA) Gippsland VIC File EWPGP079-680.docx
Research School of Physics and Engineering, ANU NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5E-B-538.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5E-B-539.pdf
ResourcesLaw International NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BCW-B-537.pdf
Retail Energy Market Company (REMCo) WA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZ8-3-534.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZ8-3-535.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZ8-3-536.pdf
Ridley Corporation VIC PDF icon EWPGP083-679.pdf
Rio Tinto Limited VIC PDF icon EWPGP006-533.pdf
Robert Brighton NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BVE-C-532.pdf
Santos SA PDF icon EWPGP049-530.pdf
Sarah Lawley VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BVV-W-529.pdf
Senvion Australia VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZS-X-677.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZS-X-678.pdf
Sligar and Associates P/L NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BCR-6-524.pdf
File ANON-VDK4-6BCR-6-525.docx
File ANON-VDK4-6BCR-6-526.docx
File ANON-VDK4-6BCR-6-527.docx
File ANON-VDK4-6BCR-6-528.docx
SMR Nuclear Technology Pty Ltd NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5K-H-522.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5K-H-523.pdf
South Australian Council of Social Service SA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B3F-A-518.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B3F-A-519.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B3F-A-520.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B3F-A-521.pdf
St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1V-R-516.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1V-R-517.pdf
Stanwell Corporation QLD File EWPGP089-676.docx
StarCore Nuclear WA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B3U-S-514.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B3U-S-515.pdf
Sustainable Energy Association of Australia WA PDF icon EWPGP096-675.pdf
Sustainable Energy Now Inc WA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1Z-V-673.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1Z-V-674.pdf
Tasmania (TAS) Government TAS PDF icon EWPGP120-513.pdf
Tasmanian Council of Social Service (TasCOSS) TAS PDF icon EWPGP020-512.pdf
Terry Krieg SA PDF icon EWPGP002-511.pdf
The Climate Conversation Group Canberra ACT PDF icon EWPGP017-508.pdf
The Climate Institute NSW PDF icon EWPGP048-504.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP048-505.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP048-506.pdf
PDF icon EWPGP048-507.pdf
The Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (Global CCS Institute) VIC PDF icon EWPGP014-503.pdf
The South Australian Wine Industry SA PDF icon EWPGP030-501.pdf
File EWPGP030-502.docx
The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BEZ-G-671.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BEZ-G-672.pdf
The Warren Centre Off Grid Power Project NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B14-P-497.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B14-P-498.pdf
Tom Bond WA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BYN-R-496.pdf
Tony Irwin NSW PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1N-G-495.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B1N-G-500.pdf
Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) NSW PDF icon EWPGP121-670.pdf
United Dairy Farmers of Victoria VIC PDF icon EWPGP070-669.pdf
United Energy and Multinet Gas VIC PDF icon EWPGP090-668.pdf
University College London / UCl Australia SA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BJN-9-667.pdf
University of Melbourne VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5D-A-665.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B5D-A-666.pdf
University of Melbourne and Dr. Winkler et al. VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BVA-8-488.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BVA-8-793.pdf
University of Queensland QLD PDF icon EWPGP019-486.pdf
Vector Limited New Zealand PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B11-K-484.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6B11-K-485.pdf
W.D Fallow ACT PDF icon EWPGP009-482.pdf
Western Australian Energy Research Alliance WA PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZ4-Y-663.pdf
PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZ4-Y-664.pdf
World Bioenergy Association VIC PDF icon ANON-VDK4-6BZB-D-480.pdf